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    Under Sink EU202
    • Flexible hot and cold water mode
    • High-end design, handy
    • No electricity, no waste of water



    Not only brings more peace of mind for the process of using water, EU202 water purifier also contributes to elevating your family kitchen space.


    Products are manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation, 100% from Japan. The filtered water reaches the safety index according to QCVN6-1/ 2010 Ministry of Health for drinking directly at the tap.


    The filter is compactly designed with 4 powerful filter levels, ensuring the filtered water meets the direct drinking standard and retains the beneficial minerals in the water. Powerful filtering capacity fully meets the needs of use.

    EUC2000 filter compact size, integrated 4 levels of continuous filtration, powerful filtering capabilities.

    1, Nonwoven mesh layer

    Filter coarse, remove the dirt and impurities in the water.

    2, Ion exchange fiber layer

    Eliminate dissolved lead mixed with water

    3, Activated carbon layer 

    Removes toxic impurities, plant drugs, deodorizing mold, chlorinating in water and some other impurities such as Bromoform / Trihalomethanes / Chlorine / Chloroform 1,1,1 / Trichlorethylene / Bromodichloromethane …

    4, Hollow-fiber filter layer

    Water is absorbed from the outside of the tube wall of the hollow fibers including millions of filter holes with the size of 0.01 – 0.1 micron from the inside. Impurities larger than 0.1 μm such as algae, microorganisms, bacteria, rust, mold, and heavy metals in the water will be filtered out, leaving only clean water and beneficial minerals.

    Product advantages
    Premium design, luxury

    Equipment brings elegance, sophistication when installed, both handy and ensure aesthetics.

    Integrating diverse water regimes

    Water dispenser wipers for hot and cold water and valves for turning off filtered water are separate and not confusing to users

    No electricity, no sewage

    Modern hollow fiber filter technology does not require electricity and saves water

    Flexible use area

    Cord-shaped nozzles with the ability to extend and expand the usable area offer more convenience.

    Product's name

    Mitsubishi Cleansui EU202

    Mounting position

    Under the sink


    Raw mineral water

    Permissible water temperature

    Below 35 degrees Celsius

    Supply water quality

    Tap water for living

    Rated water flow

    3 liters/ min

    Filter capacity

    8000 liters

    Suitable water pressure

    0.07 - 0.35MPa

    Hose hole diameter

    36 - 39mm

    Thickness of mounting base

    3 - 30mm

    Hose set size (LxW)

    267 x 282 mm

    Filter size (LxW)

    105 x 217 mm


    0.8kg (1.4kg when full of water)

    Expiration date

    12 months (20 liters/ day)

    International and Vietnamese testing standards

    JIS S 3201/ ISO 9001-14001

    QCVN 6-1: 2010/ BYT

    QCVN 01: 2009/ BYT

    Warranty period

    05 years (connecting hose set)

    01 year (connecting wiring system)

    6 months (filter)



    The water purifier installed under the sink EU202 applies ultra-high-quality hollow fiber membrane technology. The filtered water retains the beneficial minerals for the body.

    Comes with a shower head, with long extension. The body of the faucet can be rotated to the left or right by 500 to greatly expand the area of use. Anti-clogging silicon nozzle. The device does not use electricity, always ready clean water anytime, anywhere.

    In particular, the device has integrated 4 flexible water remedies, such as filtered water and hot - cold tap water system. Output water can be in the form of a shower or flow directly depending on the purpose of use, ensuring a stable water flow.

    frequently asked Questions

    Questions in the process of use

    Why can't my hoses rotate to the sides?

    This may be because the hose set has been in a fixed position for a long time. Dirt adheres and indirectly affects the ability to rotate. Please sanitize or, better still, seek technical help from the supplier.

    What to note when using daily or not?

    Daily, before using, flush for about 15 seconds. If not in use for 2 days, flush for at least 1 minute continuously. Doing this will avoid the metamorphic excess water that may exist in water pipes.

    Question about post-filtered water

    Can filtered water be removed from the refrigerator?

    The answer is yes. But make sure your water tank is sealed, and should only be used within 2 days!

    Questions about replacement, hygiene, installation

    How can I clean the hose set?

    As recommended by the manufacturer, you can clean the hose with mild detergents, do not use harsh chemicals that are diluted, do not use acid solution. If the device is acidic, salt or vinegar in the surroundings, check periodically. In particular, remember not to touch the faucet with dirty hands or towels.
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