• Filtration Performance



    Filtration Performance



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    Filtration Performance MP02-3
    • Commercial water purification equipment

    • Filter capacity of up to 150,000 liters / year

    • Compact design, space saving



    The commercial water purifier will be suitable if you are planning to build a commercial and business system such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, spas, medical clinics …


    The filtered water will be safer for daily use, help the dish taste better and reduce the effects of residual chlorine on the skin and hair.


    Compact filter, integrated powerful filter levels. Super filtration capacity, to meet the high demand of use.

    1, Non-woven fabric layer

    It has the task of filtering coarse, removing sediments and large impurities mixed in water.

    2, Layer of activated carbon fiber and granules

    Highly adsorbent helps to remove organic impurities, mold, odors and residual chlorine.

    The filtered water is suitable for washing, cleaning, installing the washing machine …

    Filter technology does not consume electricity, does not consume waste water, all the input water is treated. This brings safety and savings

    Product advantages
    Technology to remove residual chlorine

    The fiber and activated carbon layer helps to remove excess chlorine, unpleasant mold smell.

    Japanese brand

    Equipment is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation, Japan

    Do not use electricity

    The device does not consume electricity, does not consume waste water

    Large filtering capacity

    The filter is designed with large filtering capacity, suitable for industrial purposes

    Product's name

    Mitsubishi Cleansui MP02-3


    Commercial water purifier

    Permissible water temperature

    Below 35 degrees Celsius

    Supply water quality

    Tap water for living

    Rated filtration flow

    10 liters/ min

    Filter capacity

    150000 liters

    Suitable water pressure

    0.07 - 0.35MPa

    Filter size (LxW)

    85mm x 247mm

    Equipment dimensions (LxW)

    160mm x 300mm

    Expiration date

    12 months (410 liters/ day)

    International and Vietnamese testing standards

    JIS S 3201/ ISO 9001-14001

    QCVN 01: 2009/ BYT

    Warranty period

    01 year (body)

    01 month (filter)



    MP02-3 commercial water purifier has large filtration capacity, simple installation. You can install multiple devices in parallel to increase the required capacity.

    The device is made of metal, easy to clean and durable, meeting installation requirements in locations with severe weather.

    Compact filter consumes no electricity, bringing safety and cost savings when used. The input water is fully used, no waste water is wasted into the environment.

    frequently asked Questions

    Water quality after filtration

    Can drinking water be taken directly at the tap?

    With 2 levels of filtration, filtered water of the MP02 - 3 product does not meet the standards for direct drinking. However, you can still use water to use for living needs such as hygiene, bathing, hair and skin care.

    Questions about replacement and installation

    Where is the filter installed?

    Filter of the product MP02 - 3 is installed under the sink. The device has its own dedicated hose, which reduces the risk of water leakage. You can also install 2 products in sequence to increase the filtering capacity according to your needs. But to be sure, please consult the technical staff from the manufacturer / supplier.

    With such a large filtering capacity, how long will it take to replace the filter?

    Filter replacement time may vary depending on the quality of the water inlet and the working time of the filter. However, as recommended by the manufacturer, you should replace the filter after 12 months of use, equivalent to 410l / day and 150,000l / 12 months.
    Why choose a product of
    mitsubishi cleansui
    Made in Japan 100%
    Delivery and Installation at place
    Professional service
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