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Shower Type



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Shower Type ES301
  • Solution for hair and skin care 

  • Water temporary shutdown mode

  • Smooth water from 296 tiny holes


ES301 shower water filter is a premium product that is indispensable in your family’s bathroom.


Strong connectivity with most common nozzles. Smart temporary water shutdown button. The micro structure of 296 holes for smooth, relaxing water flow. Calcium Sulfite core effectively removes chlorine.


All of these features will bring you complete relaxation in every drop of water!

Water filtration technology removes modern chlorine

ESC31Z cartridge is capable of removing chlorine in tap water by the presence of Calcium Sulfite. The purified water is free of chlorine, reducing the negative effects on the skin and hair.

Calcium sulfite in the purify element will help remove chlorine in tap water. This helps minimize the negative effects of chlorine on the skin, hair, very suitable for people with sensitive skin, irritated or infants, children.

Harm of Residual Chlorine: “Causes dry skin, increases the risk of skin diseases, atopic dermatitis for subjects with sensitive skin, infants and young children. Chlorine also damages protein in the hair, leading to hair loss and fiber. The hair is no longer able to regenerate itself, so it will be difficult to recover. ”

Product advantages
Structure of 296 micro holes

The device has 296 micro holes, helping to bring a sense of smoothness, relax when used.

Easy installation

Compatible accessory kit connected to common nozzle tips

Water temporary shutdown mode

Temporary disconnect switch, which saves water when used

Japanese brand

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation, Japan

Product's name

Mitsubishi Cleansui ES301

Mounting position



Chlorine water filter for bathroom

Permissible water temperature

Below 60 degrees Celsius

Supply water quality

Tap water for living

Rated water flow

8 liters/ min

Suitable water pressure

0.05 - 0.35MPa

Time using the filter

3 months / 3 cores

Warranty period

01 year (for the body only)



Shower type water purification are a special product line, specially designed for families' bathrooms. Luxurious design, easy installation, no residual chlorine harmful in water and relaxing feeling as experienced at Spa are the highlights that the product of shower purifier of Cleansui brings.

Using Cleansui shower water purifier with calcium sulfite filter element will contribute to eliminate residual chlorine. The purified water also becomes clearer and safer, thereby greatly reducing the negative effects on the skin and hair. This is a product that has been introduced by the Japan Dermatology Institute.


frequently asked Questions

Water input temperature

What is the allowable water temperature?

Unlike direct drinking water purifiers, ES 301 products have a maximum operating temperature of up to 60 degrees C. If temperatures are higher, it is easy to cause water leakage or even cause. broken filter core, broken equipment.

Water quality after purification

Can drinking water be used directly or not?

The answer is no. This is a specialized product line for the bathroom. Purify structure only ensures the treatment of residual chlorine, meeting the needs of hygiene, bathing, not suitable for drinking directly.

Filter replacement time, warranty

How often should I change the cartridge on my device?

The manufacturer recommends that you replace the cartridge after 3 months / 3 cores in use.

Is the cartridge warranted?

MCC has only 1 year warranty with the device body. With cartridges, due to the specificity of using only cleaning, bathing, short usage time of 1 month / 1 core, we do not have a warranty.
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