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    Faucet - mouted EF201
    • Obtained NSF / ANSI certification of USA
    • Easy to install, easy to replace
    • Ultra high-end compact filter



    The water filter installed at the EF201 faucet can be connected directly to the faucet head that your family is using, without the need for wiring, faucet systems.


    The device simply consists of a filter, a universal water transfer valve and a universal adapter for installation. The following water is safe to drink directly.


    EFC21 ultra-high-grade filter integrates 4 levels of filter in a streamlined design, ensuring that the filtered water can be consumed immediately without boiling and preserving minerals.

    1, Non-woven mesh fabric layer

    Efficiently removes dirt and impurities

    2, Special ceramic grade

    Helps efficiently remove water soluble lead.

    3, Activated carbon layer

    Thanks to the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will remove harmful impurities, mold smell and residual chlorine.

    4, Hollow fiber filter membrane

    Micro-sized filter holes ensure effective removal of algae, microorganisms, micro-plastic particles.

    Product advantages
    Hollow fiber filter technologyg

    Retains beneficial minerals and eliminates small-scale harmful agents.

    Easy to install, easy to replace

    Easy to connect, helping to facilitate the installation and replacement at home.

    Made in Japan

    Equipment is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation, Japan

    Acquired American certification

    Products achieved NSF / ANSI certification of the United States

    Product's name

    Mitsubishi Cleansui EF201

    Mounting position

    Installed at the tap

    Permissible water temperature

    Below 35 degrees Celsius

    Supply water quality

    Tap water for living

    Rated filtration flow

    1.6l / minute

    Filter capacity

    900 liters

    Minimum water pressure

    0.07 MPa


    148 x 58 x 103 (mm)


    260g (360g when full of water)

    Expiration date

    3 months (10 liters/ day)

    Warranty period

    01 year (body)



    The hollow fiber filter technology with a series of tiny microfiltration filters from 0.01 µm - 0.1 µm, ensures the retention of beneficial minerals in the water and eliminates harmful agents. The filtered water meets the hygienic and safe standards for drinking directly at the tap.
    frequently asked Questions

    Question about filtering technology

    Is the hollow fiber filter technology that the device is using is ultrafiltration technology?

    In fact, hollow fiber membrane is the official name of the manufacturer's technology, which is translated originally from Japanese. Ultrafiltration technology is not the exact name of this technique. Therefore, it is not possible to identify these two technologies together.

    Question about filter

    I see the filter size is so small, can it ensure the needs of the family use or not?

    According to the notice from the manufacturer, the device can filter 10 liters / day. With basic water demand for a family of 4, this is a sufficient choice. In addition, you can still use unfiltered water through the device's three-mode switch valve.

    Question about the quality of water after filtration

    Nước sau lọc có thể được bảo quản như thế nào?

    The filtered water can be put into glass jars and allowed to refrigerate for up to 48 hours. After filtration, boiling for drinking as usual is not necessary.
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