SSX880E/ ET201



SSX880E/ ET201

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Counter-Top ET102
  • No electricity, no waste of water.
  • Smart excess drainage mechanism
  • The filtered water can be drunk directly at the tap



A water filter installed on the sink refers to the fact that the filter of the device is installed right on the kitchen sink.


This is unlike the familiar, bulky size water filters, often installed under sinks and kitchen cabinets.


ET102 is cylindrical design. The highlight of the device is flexibility, so you can draw water from many different locations.


The filter integrates 4 levels of filter in a compact design, ensuring that the filtered water is drinkable directly at the tap.

1, Non-woven mesh fabric layer

The task of filtering the residue, large size in the water.

2, Activated carbon layer

Removes toxic impurities, plant drugs, deodorizing mold, chlorinating in water and some other impurities such as Bromoform / Trihalomethanes / Chlorine / Chloroform 1,1,1 / Trichlorethylene / Bromodichloromethane …

3, Ion exchange fiber layer

Make sure the filtered water no longer contains dissolved lead.

4, Hollow fiber filter membrane

Water is absorbed from the outside of the tube wall of the hollow fibers including millions of filter holes with the size of 0.01 – 0.1 micron from the inside. Impurities larger than 0.1 μm such as algae, microorganisms, bacteria, rust, mold, and heavy metals in the water will be filtered out, leaving only clean water and beneficial minerals.

Product advantages
Design of residual drainage

Make sure your family always have fresh filtered water when using.

No electricity, no waste of water

The device operates independently of the power source, providing safety and savings

Flexible water regime

Includes 3 modes tap water, shower tap water, after filtered water, suitable for many needs

Hollow fiber filter technology

Very small size of eye filter is capable of filtering harmful substances as small as 0.1 µm.

Product's name

Mitsubishi Cleansui SSX880E

Mounting position

On the sink


Raw mineral water

Permissible water temperature

Below 35 degrees Celsius

Supply water quality

Tap water for living

Rated water flow

3 liters/ min

Filter capacity

8000 liters

Filter size (LxW)

143 mm x 203 mm


1.5 kg (2.4 kg when full of water)

Expiration date

12 months (20 liters/ day)

International and Vietnamese testing standards

JIS S 3201/ ISO 9001-14001

QCVN 6-1: 2010/ BYT

QCVN 01: 2009/ BYT

Warranty period

01 year (body, hose, connecting cord)

6 months (filter)



The water filter installed on the sink ET102 is cylindrical design, metal shell, exuding elegance. The nozzle is flexible, allowing you to take water from a variety of angles.

Multi-valve switch valve set allows connection with a variety of common nozzle. Installation will be easy, quick, and anyone can do it.

frequently asked Questions

Group of questions about the quality of water after filtration

Is the filtered water pure or mineral water?

ET102 products use hollow fiber filter technology, so after filtering the water, it will retain all minerals that are good for health, not pure water.Another difference is that the filtered water can be drunk directly at the faucet, without boiling. This helps to significantly save time in use and prevent re-infested boiling water.

Group questions about filters

When should I change the filter, does the machine show any specific message?

The manufacturer recommends that filters be replaced after 1 year of use. However, if the water quality is not the same as before, you can also contact the technical staff from the supplier to get better support.

Group questions about equipment, user manual

Is the product made of metal?

The product is made of stainless steel. The small size and the shine will bring luxury to your family kitchen.
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